: Primarily Environmental Tasks

1.  Adopt a bayou – find a “ditch” close to your neighborhood –

**Monitor for trash/debris, water quality and habitat value

** Monitor any outfalls for potential problems

2.  Assist with Native/watersmart landscape project at nearby school – usually science teachers interested in this, but can be others.  Need point of contact at school who will sponsor the project.  City can provide some resources and guidance.  Suggest tour of the Ed White Elementary garden and/or the in-progress Sam Rayburn courtyard for example.  This project done with volunteer labor and their Ecology Club.

3.  Assist in school classroom with environmental education – need invitation from teacher or principal to either “teach the teachers” or to teach the students about most pressing issues of water conservation, wetland preservation, watersmart landscapes, storm water pollution prevention, etc.

4.  Stormwater marker button installation in the neighborhood

5.  Speak to neighborhood associations, Civic Associations about specific issues of interest to the community.

Watersmart landscapes – the lazy gardener with the most beautiful landscape in the neighborhood.

Water conservation – what is the future going to be like in 2050.

Environmental Expo a possible spring event.