Neighborhood Network
The City Of Pasadena Neighborhood Network Division's purpose is to offer economic incentives and organizational assistance to Pasadena neighborhood/homeowner organizations by undertaking aesthetic upgrades, special projects and programs that will improve the quality of life, public health, safety and welfare of the neighborhoods within Pasadena. We also encourage a strong partnership between our residents by encouraging further organization of new neighborhood/homeowner organizations, as well as assisting the current organizations.

The division began in February of 1998 with only 12 identifiable neighborhood/homeowner associations organized within the city of Pasadena. Since 1998, the Network Division has worked to assist and organize over 178 neighborhood and/or homeowner associations.

The Neighborhood Network Division office is located in the City of Pasadena Municipal Services Building (old Police Dept. building), 1114 Davis, second floor. Please contact Neighborhood Network Division Manager - Karen Hollon to schedule an appointment at 713.475.7221 or email her

The Network Division stands ready to assist you to improve your neighborhood with the following programs and resources:

Because an informed citizen is a pro-active neighborhood member, the Neighborhood Network offers workshops for residents and neighborhood network participants. These are a great way to meet your neighbors and learn what other groups are doing to improve their neighborhoods.

Neighborhood safety

Neighborhood safety and security is an important part of building a stronger community, Neighborhood Network is pleased to work in close cooperation with the Pasadena Police Department to assist residents through ongoing Crime Watch classes. With information designed to help you lessen the chances you'll become a victim, Crime Watch is a highly effective tool in any resident's preparation.

Individual Neighborhood Association Web sites

If your neighborhood association has developed its own web site where information about your group is posted and shared, please contact us so that we may list you here for others to access.

Village Grove East
Village Grove Community Association
Burkeshire Homeowner's Association
Fairmont Estates Neighborhood Association

Contact Us
For more information on the Neighborhood Network Division or how to create a neighborhood organization, call Karen Hollon , Program Manager, at 713-475-7221 or email her. If you plan on coming by, our offices are at
the Pasadena Municipal Services Building (old Police Dept. building), 1114 Davis, second floor.

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