Pasadena Industrial Community Network
The Pasadena Industrial Community Network is a group whose mission grew out of the immediate need to assist our community’s less fortunate after Hurricane Ike, broadening its vision to become our present day partnership of industry and community leaders bettering Pasadena together. A coalition of industry, community leaders, Chamber of Commerce member/officers and City staff, we’re working toward the goal of making Pasadena “the best it can be”.
    • Read Mayor Johnny Isbell's introductory letter on the Pasadena Industrial Community Network here.
    • Learn more about the genesis and history of the Pasadena Industrial Community Network and its evolution into its present day partnership.
    • View or download the Pasadena Industrial Community Network's organizational flier.
    • Want to see a little of what we've been up to, and how you can get involved? Download the Pasadena Industrial Community Network brochure.

Contact Us To Learn More
For more information on the
Pasadena Industrial Community Network, call Karen Hollon, Neighborhood and Industry Manager, at 713-475-7221 or email her. If you plan on coming by, the Neighborhood Network Division office is located in the City of Pasadena Municipal Services Building (old Police Dept. building), 1114 Davis, second floor.

Industry of the Month
The City of Pasadena, Mayor Johnny Isbell and City Council, and the Neighborhood Network recognize an Industry of the Month recipient for their community-minded service and assistance to those residents of Pasadena who need a helping hand due to old age, illness or other extenuating circumstances.

We are proud to work side by side with these outstanding corporate citizens as their employee volunteers help us assist some of Pasadena's most vulnerable residents.

Past Industry of the Month award recipients include:
  • MEMC Pasadena, Inc. is our August 2013 Industry of the Month Award recipient. (Photo)
  • Zachry 
  • Chevron-Phillips
  • Albemarle
  • Dow Fencing
  • RSC Equipment Rental
  • The Lawn Stylist/Shades of Texas
  • Shared Resources Credit Union
  • LyondellBassell 

Mayor Johnny Isbell thanks Chevron-Phillips for their ongoing contributions to those in need in Pasadena and their current recognition:

"Congratulations to Chevron Phillips, recipient of the Industry of the Month award. Chevron has been a great partner with us on many community projects, but I'd especially like to thank them for all of their work on a project a few weeks ago. About 50 of their employees volunteered at a house on Kenwick, making repairs for a family in need. They spent the day painting the house, repairing the fence, cleaning up the front yard and getting debris out the garage. It was amazing to see how generous this company was and how giving their employees were. We all had a great time out there that day, and the woman who lives there wrote me a letter, thanking everyone for making her home beautiful again. I love projects like that one, and I can't thank companies like Chevron enough for making them possible."

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