Emergency Management
Office of Emergency Management location
Police Building - 2nd floor
1201 Davis
Pasadena, Texas 77506
PH: (713) 475-5588
FAX: (713) 477-9364
Email: oem@ci.pasadena.tx.us
Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Dispatch for Duty officer on call 24 hours per day - 713-475-7800

Mailing Address

Office of Emergency Management
City of Pasadena
P.O. Box 672
Pasadena, Texas 77501-0672

Department Mission and Purpose
The Emergency Management Department is responsible for protecting the citizens of Pasadena before, during, and after any and all disasters. These disasters can include man-made events such as chemical spills and transportation accidents, or natural events such as severe storms, floods, and hurricanes.

The Department accomplishes this mission through:
  • Planning the City's response to major disasters and coordinating these plans with industry, business, and citizens;
  • Training City employees, elected officials, the industrial-business sector, and citizens in emergency planning and operations;
  • Testing emergency plans and procedures through simulated disasters;
  • Responding to actual events as part of the City's emergency services;
  • Notifying the public of immediate threats using the City's emergency alert systems such as the outdoor sirens; and,
  • Educating all citizens about disasters and ways to protect themselves

Services and Programs
Emergency Management offers a variety of services and programs to City government, business, industry, and the public. All services can be obtained by calling the office phone number 713 - 475 - 5588.
  • Education - literature, brochures, videos, and other training materials. Topics include weather, chemicals, shelter-in-place with our Stay Inside and Stay Alive campaign and more. Videos are available through both the office and the Pasadena Main Library.
  • Speakers - available for any civic meeting, business, school, or other organization; topics can be customized to your group's interests and age. General topics include shelter-in-place, homeowner protection, weather, chemicals, animal protection, and more.
  • Technical Consulting - emergency planning and technical research. Staff members can assist your group with developing emergency plans, finding data and other resources, and providing technical expertise in topics such as chemical hazards.
  • Technical Response - the department, along with Fire and Police, comprises the City's emergency services. Public notification assistance can be provided to business or industry impacted by a disaster.
  • Plan Repository - the Department, in conjunction with the Southeast Regional Local Emergency Planning Committee, is the official repository for local industry emergency plans. Plans are available for review or copy through written request to both the Dept. and the SERLEPC. Only non-confidential information may be obtained.
  • Volunteer Coordination - the Department works with a variety of volunteer groups on disaster management issues. Volunteer services including hosting meetings, assisting with network arrangements, and providing limited administrative support.

Volunteer Opportunities
Emergency Management works with various volunteer groups on a number of disaster management issues. Any citizen, business, or civic group can become a volunteer. Call our office phone at 713 - 475 - 5588 for more information or click here.
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