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Shopping locally during the holidays helps Pasadena all year long
Nov 19 2014 - 04:21:00 pm
The holiday season is quickly approaching, which means that the peak of the shopping season is too. Shoppers are encouraged to shop locally; with every gift you buy in Pasadena, you’re giving our community a gift as well.

When purchases are made within Pasadena, shoppers are not only helping to boost revenues from sales tax, but also helping fight crime, improve City streets and beautify our area, thanks to an additional cent of sales tax.

In Pasadena, there is a sales tax funding program that gives one-half cent of additional sales tax to support the Pasadena Police Department’s Crime Control District. Another half cent goes to support the Pasadena Second Century Corporation each time a purchase is made in the city. The program ensures that the cost of maintaining infrastructure and public safety programs is spread among everyone in the area who benefits from them, instead of being the sole responsibility of residents.

The funding is used for a variety of programs. The Pasadena Police Department uses its portion of the funds to help put more, and better-equipped, officers on the street, often using the money to purchase police cars, computers and other equipment.

The department also uses the funding to create or supplement various specialized programs, designed to further reduce crime throughout the city. Part of the money raised through this program, for example, goes to support a variety of PPD’s community programs, including the D.A.R.E. program, which encourages children to say no to drugs, and the YES program, which keeps at-risk youth actively involved in the community and out of trouble.

The Pasadena Second Century Corporation uses its portion of the money for capital improvement projects, as well as street and drainage improvements, among other projects. The group has used the funds for many recent major road construction projects, sewer improvements and repairs of water lines, in addition to some economic development projects.

“I encourage everyone to shop right here in Pasadena,” said Mayor Johnny Isbell. “With the great variety of stores available, we have just about everything you could ever need. And not only will you be supporting local business owners, but you’ll also be supporting the local economy and the City itself, giving us more funds to make our city even safer and an even better place to live.”
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