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FEMA officially approves ratings upgrade offering 25% discount on Pasadena flood insurance
Dec 12 2014 - 11:39:00 am
The City of Pasadena has now qualified for a Class 5 rating in FEMA's CRS Community Rating System (CRS), moving up from Class 7 to Class 5.

With a Class 5 rating, residents of Pasadena will see a whopping 25% discount in their flood insurance premiums for properties located within the 100-year floodplain. This provides an immediate, positive impact on resident wallets and extends the significant progress Pasadena has already made through our FEMA-recognized community program.

To achieve this enhanced qualification, our CRS program had to provide verifiable progress in a number of areas that impact potential flooding in our community:
  • A large part of the credit was given to community outreach in information and education. From providing copies of elevation certificates to providing flood zone information  through a special Program for Public Information that uses public library, event participation, mass mailings, social media, community television and our website, this rating improvement would not be possible without a co-ordinated public outreach from the City.
  • Planning is another area where Pasadena's efforts were recognized. Floodplain mapping, relocating flood-prone buildings from the regulatory floodplain, implementation of Harris County's Hazard Mitigation Plan and drainage system maintenance all figured into the equation that gave us the higher rating.
  • Stormwater management is a crucial part of Pasadena's response to our flood-prone environment. It also heavily impacts soil and erosion control as well as water quality for our community.

Although the actual ratings change began October 1, this is the official FEMA accounting of the ways our program improvements helped make the ratings upgrade possible.

While the upgraded rating will remain in place as long as Pasadena continues to maintain its program standards, it can't help residents and business owners unless they sign up for flood insurance. With the better ratings, there's never been a smarter time to take advantage of the big discount and put a 'financial wall' around your home or business. 

While hurricane season is past, flooding can occur year 'round and it only takes one incident of flooding to financially cripple those who are going without flood insurance. With a 30-day waiting period for insurance to begin active coverage, putting off getting it until you see dark clouds on the horizon could be a mistake that sinks your best-laid budget plans. 

Contact your insurance agent soon to discuss put that financial wall around you...and enjoy a 25% discount when you do.
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