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Here's the latest buzz on mosquito control efforts
Jun 26 2015 - 04:36:00 pm
With warmer weather and recent rain, mosquito season is upon us. The City has an annual contract for mosquito spraying from May to September, and all areas of the city will be chemically treated for the pests each month. (*Note: Due to the abundance of rain recently, the city scheduled an additional treatment during the month of June). Because of Pasadena’s size, it takes the trucks approximately four or five days to cover the entire city.

But there are plenty of steps that residents can do to help control mosquitoes both on their own property and in surrounding areas. There are two important components in combating the problem: keeping mosquitoes away and controlling their breeding areas.

Keep Mosquitoes Away
1. When outdoors, use an insect repellant containing DEET. The repellant should be applied strictly according to the directions on the label.
2. Wear long and loose clothing when outside, especially during dawn and dusk.

Control Breeding Areas
Denying mosquitoes a place to breed is the best line of defense. Effective measures of control include:

1. Empty or remove any containers that collect and hold water, including toys, buckets and flower pots.
2. Birdbaths should be cleaned weekly.
3. Tires should be removed from the yard.
4. Keep roof gutters and downspouts clean.
5. Never sweep or wash lawn clippings, leaves or tree limbs into storm sewers.
6. Doors and windows should be in good repair to prevent entry into homes.
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